Pebblebrook Falcons

Sports Logo - Branded Signage - Bespoke Typeface - Environmental Signage - Brand Strategy

Project Overview

Established in 1963, Pebblebrook High School relied on various representations of Falcons and birds to identify their sports programs. However, previous attempts at creating a logo fell short, lacking professionalism, uniqueness, and the ability to establish a genuine connection with the school body and community. The absence of a strong visual identity hindered Pebblebrook’s ability to stand out and communicate its values effectively.

When Dr. Dana Giles assumed the role of principal at Pebblebrook High School, she recognized the need for a logo that would reflect the school’s vision and foster a sense of pride among the students and community. Having previously collaborated at her former school, she approached us with a clear vision and a strong belief in our ability to bring Pebblebrook’s brand to life.

Project Scope

Working with Pebblebrook’s Administrative Team, we outlined the following needs for how our team could add value to their school:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Custom Sports Logo
  • Updated Brand Colors
  • Bespoke Typeface
  • System Font Pairing
  • Supporting Athletic Marks
  • Environmental Signage

Initial Sketches

Dunson Design Company embarked on an extensive research process, delving into Falcons indigenous to Georgia. We discovered that the Peregrine Falcon, renowned for its speed and grace, was native to the area. Fascinated by the unique characteristics of this majestic bird, the design team sketched various concepts, aiming to capture its movement in the logo.

Digital Concepts

Collaborating closely with the Pebblebrook administrative team, Dunson Design Company presented and refined several logo ideas. Through a series of discussions and feedback sessions, a consensus was reached, leading to the selection of the final sports logo that embodied the spirit of Pebblebrook High School.

Option One
Option Two

Supporting Marks

To complement the new Falcon logo, we developed a custom typeface that harmonized with the brand identity. Additionally, we created a modern P lettermark to replace the previous outdated logo, further enhancing the school’s visual representation.

Brand Activation

The launch of the sports logo identity marked a significant milestone for Pebblebrook High School. With the logo finalized, Dunson Design Company supported the school in updating various elements, such as the turf field, environmental designs, and wayfinding signs. These changes aligned the physical spaces with the new brand identity and enhanced the overall experience for students, faculty, and visitors.

Project Summary

The rebranding efforts were met with overwhelming positivity and enthusiasm from the school and the local community. The new logo¬†resonated with students, igniting a sense of pride and unity. Teachers and staff members expressed appreciation for a logo that captured the essence of the school’s values and history.

With the successful completion of the logo rebranding project, Pebblebrook High School now boasts a distinct visual identity that is registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office. Dunson Design Company’s expertise, coupled with the collaborative efforts of the school, has helped Pebblebrook change the narrative. The revitalized brand identity has positioned the school as a forward-thinking institution, ready to embrace the future while honoring its heritage.

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