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Dunson Design Company, located in Marietta, GA, specializes in providing professional and tailored sports logo design services.

What We Do

With a track record of over 100 successful rebrands, we take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality sports logos. Moreover, we have facilitated the approval of more than 20 trademark applications through the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Recent Projects

Our Sports Logos

The sports logos below are examples of the primary, secondary, and supporting marks we have created for various schools and teams.


A typographic logo comprised of a letter(s) that represent a name.

Spirit Mark

A logo that represents the identity and spirit of a specific school or team.


A logo that presents a single word or a combination of words.

Mascot Mark

A logo that depicts a character or an illustrated representative of a mascot.

Sport-Specific Mark

A logo specifically designed for an individual sport or activity.

Specialty Mark

A logo created for a special occasion, event, or purpose.

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Common Questions

We intend to provide you with the following answers, which we believe will prove beneficial as you seek a sports logo designer capable of assisting you with your unique project:

What is your design process like?

Though each project is different, we follow the same six steps for all our logo projects:

  1. Research and Discovery: A phase of background work and figuring our project deliverables.
  2. Concept Sketches: Creating multiple sketches based on the project brief that are unique and able to be trademarked.
  3. Vector Refinement: Moving the chosen concepts into the computer, we refine the logo to ensure proportional accuracy and reflect the team’s colors.
  4. Supporting Marks: We develop items such as custom lettermarks, custom wordmarks, custom font and numeral systems, and sport-specific layouts as needed.
  5. Export Files: We provide the client with JPG, PNG, EPS, AI, PDF, and other various files.
  6. USPTO Registration: We work to guide the client through a US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) application.
What are the costs associated with your services?

We offer competitive pricing that takes into account the intricacy of the project, the level of customization required, and the expertise involved. Upon discussing your specific requirements, we will provide a detailed proposal outlining the associated costs, ensuring transparency throughout.


How do you ensure that the final design reflects our school's values and brand identity?

We prioritize understanding your school’s values, ethos, and brand identity to create a logo that authentically represents your institution. We encourage active involvement from your team, seeking your insights and feedback at each stage of the design process. Our aim is to achieve a logo that resonates with your school’s unique character.

How should a new team decide on its name?

Team names that have the greatest connection with a community and fanbase have one of the following:

  • They have a direct correlation to the history and region they represent.
  • They have a less familiar name as it tends to make the greatest impact.
  • They recognize a new name comes with needing a new logo. If the name has a large list of USPTO registered logos (i.e. Tigers), it will make it harder to create a team logo that can be owned.

There is no set time when a team MUST change their logo. In some instances, it is advised to keep a logo that has developed significant brand equity. However, these are some signs it is time to change a sports team’s logo:

  • The team is using a logo that is the property of another team or entity.
  • The logo has obvious anatomical flaws when compared to the thing it represents.
  • The team’s fanbase does not connect with the current team logo.

Even though the process of developing a sports logo is very similar to that of a traditional logo, how a sports logo looks and “feels” is vastly different from a traditional logo. It is recommended to find a designer or design agency that has a portfolio of successful sports logos. One of the biggest factors in determining success is if a logo is registered with the US Patent & Trademark office.

Have A Different Question?

If you have unanswered questions about logo design or our process, we would love to talk to you.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Our church institute wanted a logo that communicated our brand. Dunson Design, led by Randy's insightful vision, delivered a masterpiece! Collaborative, communicative, and passionate, Randy transformed our ideas into a logo that communicates who we are and what we are about within our institute. I recommend Dunson Design Company to anyone looking for graphic design services. Randy takes pride in his work and works hand in hand with his clients to deliver a fantastic service.

Jonathan Sams December 21, 2023

Randy Dunson worked with me on creating my company's brand and I can tell you that his creative talent was apparent from day 1 when we first met. I have not been disappointed by any of his work and nor would you be if you engage him! His process is methodical and measured. Don't rush the process, embrace the way in which he finds what is core to your brand and mission and then will walk you through a guided journey to gain the image and confident story that you're seeking for your company. Highly recommended!

Seth Lytle July 9, 2023

Best graphic design work you could possibly hope for. Excellent partnership, communication, and finished product. Highly recommend.

Jason Finnell April 28, 2023

Partnering with Dunson Design for a recent client project has been such a great experience for our client and internal team. Randall worked really hard to make sure he understood who our client is, what they stood for, and how they needed to differentiate themselves in a professional way. The process was very organized and the project was delivered on time. Highly recommend Dunson Design and will definitely work with them again!

Brent Maloney April 19, 2023
Daniel Vehar February 20, 2023

I needed a new logo and mascot for my company and Dunson Design knocked it way out of the park. From first contact through follow up, they were on top of it. They were great at communicating, turning my words and thoughts into an amazing logo and mascot, and helping me design new biz cards, uniforms, and a wrap for my work truck. Don’t waste your time looking at other companies, they are the real deal and I couldn’t be happier.

Joshua Weston February 17, 2023

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