Exousia Global

Faced with accelerated growth, our team worked with the owners of Exousia Global to define an identity system to grow with them.

Project Brief

For Exousia Global, it was essential to develop an identity to help them stand out as the premier IT partner for healthcare mergers and acquisitions.

A cube was chosen as the primary icon to highlight the technical nature of their work. The visual play of “threes” throughout the icon represents the three pillars of Exousia’s business.

The result is a unique identity that positions Exousia Global as an industry leader in guiding their client’s merger and acquisition process by handling their IT needs.

Project Scope

  • Discovery & Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • Typography & Color
  • Pattern Design

Discovery & Strategy

The beginning of any project starts with understanding. Understanding how a business runs and operates. Understanding the pain points and potential areas of growth. As well as understanding a business’s goals and aspirations for the future.

With these ideas in mind, we can develop a strategic plan to couple creative applications to business growth. For Exousia Global, this understanding led us to produce the following brand noun list to build our logo concepts:

  • Roadmap
  • Maze
  • Handshake
  • “Trinity”
  • Shield
  • Coat of Arms
  • Lion
  • Beacon/Lighthouse
  • North Star
  • Compass

Digital Logo Concepts

Following our initial logo concept presentation, we worked with the business owners to narrow down the potential logos. We focused on three concepts that respectively told a powerful story.

Identity Design

Looking at the company’s future, there was an obvious choice as to which logo best represented the Exousia brand. Interconnected lines, a cube representing the three facets of the company, and a modern hexagon shape make a powerful brand mark.

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